Strong competition in the Circuit Grand Finals of Program Skuasy IPT 1Malaysia

by yradmin |

KUALA LUMPUR, 19 December – Pusat Skuasy Jalan Duta last Saturday witnessed the exciting conclusion of the Circuit Grand Finals of the Program Skuasy IPT 1Malaysia (1Malaysia IPT Squash Programme), with 156 players from over 40 Institutions of Higher Education (IPT) in Malaysia. The programme is a collaboration between Yayasan Rakyat 1Malaysia (YR1M), Squash Racquets Association of Malaysia (SRAM) and the Ministry of Higher Education.

The participants qualified for the grand finals based on their performance at the circuit tournaments in Kangar, Kuantan and Melaka earlier this year.

After three days of intense competition, the winners of the Circuit Grand Finals were Addeen Idrakie from University Malaya (Division 1 Men), Agil Raj Mahalingam from Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (Division 2 Men), Bryan Tan from Swinburne University (Division 3 Men), Ariff Ashraf Bin Mohd Zainal from National Defence University of Malaysia (Division 4 Men), Aika Azman from University Malaya (Division 1 Women), Kwan Kar Man from Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (Division 2 Women) and Tan Phooi Yee from University Malaysia Kelantan (Division 3 Women).

The overall winners of each division were also announced, with Mohd Amir Farhan Bin Ampandi from University Putra Malaysia (Division 1 Men), Devamuthan A/L Tamilarasan from University Malaya (Division 2 Men), Kevin Wong from Swinburne University (Division 3 Men), Amirul Adzrain Bin Abdul Hamid from University of Kuala Lumpur (Division 4 Men), Mithila A/P Tamilarasan from University Putra Malaysia (Division 1 Women), Sorfina Arinah Binti Asril from University Technology MARA (Division 2 Women) and Shannen Poh from Swinburne University (Division 3 Women) emerging at the top of the pile.

The programme provides an avenue for players who were active in squash in schools to continue to play squash at the IPT level. In addition, the programme also introduces squash to new players and aims to encourage them to continue to play the game of squash at a competitive level.

SRAM President Huang Ying How said he is happy with the growth of squash at the IPT level, with participants from 48 institutions competing in this year’s circuit, as compared to less than 20 institutions when Program Skuasy IPT 1Malaysia first started in November 2014.

“We have also seen universities and IPT competing with each other to recruit students to join their institutions, with the aim of strengthening their squash teams. This augurs well for the students, who are provided with scholarships and financial support for their studies,” he said.

Since 2014, the programme has completed 11 circuit legs, 9 squash clinics and numerous coaching sessions.

National squash coach Ong Beng Hee who also coached the Malaysian squad for the World University Squash Championship in Kuala Lumpur this year said that programme showed the great enthusiasm and positive interest for the game of squash among university students.

“There are different levels of players in the grand finals, ranging from those who have recently picked up the game, to established state and national players competing in Division 1,” said the former world No 7.

YR1M Chief Executive Officer Ung Su Ling said, “This programme is a great way to bring everybody together through their common interest in squash. In addition squash cultivates the right mindset, mental strength, discipline and perseverance.”

“These values are best demonstrated by our 1Malaysia squash ambassador Dato’ Nicol David,” she concluded.